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Dr. Manion's Testimonies

Sempathachar vs Federal Remper et al
USDC ED  PA. No. 03-5905
3rd Circuit
Philadelphia, PA


Mattani Versus Taub, et al
Docket No. l-00174-04
Testified in Mount Holly. NJ in May 2007
Attorney Mr. Jay J. Blumberg
Blumberg and Linder, LLC


City of Philadelphia versus Dylan Shumard
Testified in Philadelphia Family Court in January 2007
Lyris F. Younge. Esquire
Deputy City Solicitor
City of Philadelphia


Bilotti versus Alexander Harmatz, et al
Testified in Philadelphia City Hall in June of 2007
Dean Murtagh, Esquire
German, Gallagher and Murtagh


Testimony by Deposition June 2006
Workman's compensation Case for Decedent Gus Terimoni
Marc S. Jacobs, Attorney at Law
Galfand Berger


Testimony by Deposition May 1, 2008
Murray versus JFK
Luretha M. Stribling, Esq.
133 Westfield Avenue, Suite 3

Testimony by Deposition December 18, 2008
Franklin mutual Insurance Co. versus Maria Cozzini, et al.:
John F. Basiak, Jr.
Lowenstein Sandler
Attorneys at Law
65 Livingston Avenue
Roseland, NJ 07068